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Heloise's Museum / 1982 - 1988 First resin dolls

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Héloïse's first resin doll "Mélanie" was made in 1982.


Introduced at the "Atelier d'art" show in Paris September 1982, Heloise is one of the first artists to create collectible dolls in resin.


Since 1982, she has been working with the resin formulation she has developed



"Mélanie", 1982

"Mélanie and Céline", 1982


"Céline", 1983

"Sisters on the bench", 1983


"Agathe", 1982 was first exhibited at the "Atelier d'art" show in Paris September 1982


"Mélanie" dressed as a ballerina with a pink

silk tutu

A display from the PAris show of 1984 "Atelier d'Art"Lady dolls and maiden dolls