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Heloise's 2004-2005 collection - Perle

Perle is a chinese girl , black mohair in 2 hairstyles : a long braid or pigtails with pearls

19,5 inches, L.E. 60

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Perle 2005 Collection

Perle #5 Dressed in red vintage silks,
 black pants. Pigtails up 

Below Perle 2004 Collection

Fan #1 palissandre and yellow taffeta
Fan #2 bois de violette and lurex
Perle #1 orange , green and yellow silk taffeta
dress with vintage chinese embroidery
Perle # 2 dark blue silk taffeta dress
with blue vintage chinese embroidery
Perle # 3 orange silk taffeta coat dress
on a green skirt and yellow pants
Perle #4 yellow silk kimono dress
with vintage chinese embroidery on the sleeves